Floorplans are a must for selling your home.

I am a huge believer in floorplans.

As we head into a era where 90% of people start their home search online, it makes complete sense that without a flooplan some people may miss something about your home that they really would appreciate and that they may be willing to spend more money on.

The MLS only allows us to upload 20 photos. Depending on the size of the property this may only show segments of the home and it may miss some huge selling features.

A floorplan enables us to capture the entire home, and allows buyers to understand where the photos are that they are looking at.

Not to mention that Vancouver truly is an international city. Buyers that are out of town during showings will be much more comfortable submitting an offer sight unseen if you have a floorplan available. I sell a few properties every year without the buyer being present!


Buyers often want to come back once we have an accepted offer to take measurements and plan their furniture. With a floorplan already done, this step may be unnecessary and it definitely speeds up the process or lessens the number of times that they will ask for access.

I am in touch with buyers daily, and know how often buyers are asking for floorplans. Often buyers don’t want to waste their time if they aren’t sure that the layout will work. I provide professional floorplans for nearly all of my listings because they really do help.

Now that we know that floorplans bring you more buyers, make you more money and save you time, why wouldn’t you get a floorplan?

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