First Time Home Seller Series:

Part 2:

A few fixes for listings

Ok so you want to sell your house and you have a light plan put together. You have decided you will prep the house over the next 3 weeks to make sure it is show-ready, as you think this will make you maximize the sale price.

So what do you do?

Well first off there isn’t a one size fits all to this question. A 100-year-old house and a 3-year-old condo are probably looking at very different “to do” items.

Here are our 3 biggest winners when it comes to quick fixes prior to selling:

  1. Paint. Interior for sure and maybe exterior. Don’t try to guess the buyer’s style with bold colours. Keep it light and make it bright. Buyers don’t want old, dirty walls and a quick fresh of white paint will go a long way.

  2. Lighting. In line with paint, making homes shine with some fresh lights will make the home feel more modern. Combine the two and your walls could feel brand new.

  3. Appliances. If you have old outdated appliances, spending a bit of money on stainless steel appliances could make buyers feel that the home is move-in ready. Don’t go overboard but buy brands in line with that segment of the market.

So now you have a newly painted home, with great lighting and some fresh appliances.  Buyers that come through will feel it’s move-in ready and not get overwhelmed by the amount of work that is needed.

If you need any recommendations on trades for your own home we have a Rolodex of people that we have vetted over the years.

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